Business Examination Resources, Inc
Asset Based Lending Support Services
Knowledge is power. Knowledge makes the difference. When you are contemplating enter into (or are already in) a lending relationship, you both deserve and need to know what is really happening with your customer's business. Are plans being met? Is a recent increase in inventory turning into valid receivables? Are sales terms changed? Are payables being paid in a timely manner? Are books and records in satisfactory condition? Are contracts being adhered to? You NEED to know this, because you need to know what is happening. Don't succumb to the temptation of believing that a relatively infrequent discussion with management and review of some dated financial information is adequate. You need to know if your collateral is providing you with cash flow, as cash flow is the ONLY thing that can repay debt.
We have done work for a wide variety of institutions-from relatively small, community oriented banks and finance companies to some of the world's largest lenders. When our work is done, you can rest assured that you have received a top quality product that will directly benefit you as well as your customer. With our extensive knowledge acquired through conducting well over 700 audits, we have literally "seen it all"-the good, the bad, the ugly.
A variety of references can be provided upon request.
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