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Bob Ratto is the President and Owner of Business Examination Resources, Inc. A third generation San Francisco native, Bob began his banking career at Bank of America in 1985, as a field examiner and rapidly progressed within the bank, including stints as Audit Department Manager, Portfolio Vice President, and Corporate Credit Examination Services. After 9 years, Bob joined Sanwa Bank California (acquired by Bank of the West) as Northern California Asset Based Lending Manager, where he was responsible for simultaneously managing strong growth and maintaining high credit quality. At Sanwa, Bob built a department that was responsive and flexible, and provided strong value for all commercial banking centers. While at Sanwa, Bob also taught new lenders in Bank seminars, and attended the prestigous Pacific Coast Banking School, achieving honors on his final thesis.  Capitalizing on his reputation, Bob founded Business Examination Resources, Inc in 2000. The company is founded on simple, old fashioned principles: unquestioned integrity, high quality and timely service to the lending community. Lenders that have used the company know that the approach of "getting behind the numbers" differentiates them from competitors who seek to "fill out the form". We believe that knowledge provides the difference!

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Do you have:
  • Broad Industry Knowledge?
  • Industry specific Strengths and Weaknesses?
  • In depth knowledge of the potential issues of lending to certain industries?
  • Knowledge of what you can expect the collateral to provide (both ongoing and in a liquidation?
  • Knowing how much exposure is appropriate in any given situation?
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